Presumably the patch itself will hit just before Christmas. This update has, as its main feature, the introduction of Japanese tanks. Onto the tanks themselves. Well, I will not be trialling them on the live server, but there are essentially two lines. Without having any experience of any of the tanks my intention is to progress up both lines, but we shall see how things go. One thing I will note is how small this introduction is. There are even fewer tanks than in the Chinese tree.


Gameplay in World of Warcraft is very typical of the MMORPG genre with players creating a character to interact with the inhabitants of the game world both NPCs and other players before adventuring forward to explore the various environments, quests and PvP opportunities. The game is often credited as setting the standard in the MMO space, mostly because of the constant updates and large game population.

World of Warcraft also features one of the most in depth and well designed systems for skills and professions when compared to other MMOs, allowing players to create a highly customisable character that can change and evolve with the player’s style. Guilds also play a pivotal role in the WoW universe and bring hundreds of players together like no other MMO to raid the most powerful bosses that call the game home.

May 05,  · The very MAIN one being that MM seems to give you preferential matchmaking (T8, some very rare T9 games at most) with the lighter equipment whereas with the bigger turret with better view range I seem to get T10 games half of the time, I hated that.

Tunnels can be re-entered more quickly. Base damages down, scaling up. Burrowed health regeneration ticks more quickly but max regeneration is down. Does physical damage instead of magic. Damage no longer scales linearly with Fury, but full-Fury casts still deal double damage as true damage. Kindred were our first attempt at ground-up designing a marksman for the jungle. Wolf and Lamb have more distinct roles to play, synergizing with one another to make a better-feeling Kindred overall.

Marksmen are typically weaker in the early game, scaling up to late game carry potential. Junglers need at least enough early strength to kill monsters and gank lanes. All in all, we want Kindred players to feel good about playing a marksman in the jungle, using the right amount of power during the right parts of the game. Q – Dance of Arrows: No longer increases base damage.

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Frontally most tanks at tier 8 will struggle to penetrate the Jagdtiger 8. Knowing this tanks weak spots is crucial to determine whether you should continue to engage the Jagdtiger 8. This is because the Jagdtiger 8. This weak spot guide will show you the best places to penetrate the Jagdtiger 8.

Jul 01,  · Best heavy tank line? – posted in General Discussion: someguyfromPitt, on 08 September – AM, said: I was doing the same thing you are. However heavy tanks get expensive. I went the american can heavy route since I found the wiggle and shoot method worked well for me on the T29 and M tanks and I live longer in them. The IS-3 has those vents in the front that .

The Preferential matchmaking tanks What is a preferential matchmaking tank? For instance, the Tier 8 Russian heavy, the IS-6, has an atrocious canon, but that is the trade to get pref. The new matchmaking system A while ago a new matchmaking system was introduced. It aimed to solve a bunch of problems, such as matchups with, for instance, 10 tier 9 and 5 tier 8.

Now it did fix that. However, this paper will not go in depth with the matchmaker itself, as that is only the stage in which the preferential matchmaking tanks compete in. That being said, the matchmaker is one of many things that adds to the troubles that those tanks are facing. The opposition However, the MM is not the only thing that contributes to the troubles that the pref.

The opposition itself has made it harder for them to compete. This comes in many variations. For instance, the Japanese line with their very heavy armor and derp canons, or the newly introduced VK German heavy tanks. Those tanks, but also the trend with newly introduced tanks being both faster, better armored and better armed adds to the problems. The preferential matchmaking tanks — what do they trade. I will take on two cases and examine them Super Pershing:

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At m the Panther’s reticle is 0. So you’re off by a factor of 10, although your relative comments are correct. Sorry and thanks for the correction.

The Normal matchmaking we had in seasons works well for average players, but we have a lot of exceptionally skilled players that need more focus on matchmaking. The best result of this system is that timed queues + solo only ranked will ensure that every ranked conquest queue will have the top 10 players in the same match.

WoT Guru September 2, The tier 5 premium tank Matilda might not look very tough at first glance but for tier tanks it can be a real challenge when brawling with one. For a tier 5 medium tank this is very good and actually plays more like a heavy tank. While this is unavoidable since World of Tanks is a free to play online war game it can be minimized by learning those sneaky spots to shoot the Matilda and avoid those heavily armored sections.

With no clear weak spots it can be difficult for tier tanks to damage. However the majority of penetrating hits will either kill the driver or do 0 damage. Very good for crippling the Matilda mobility wise even further than it already is but not the best spot to shoot if you need to do damage to HP. This location is 75mm thick…However it is not angled and therefore much easier to penetrate than many of the other spots on the frontal hull.

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Maxmk6, on 03 September – You’re clearly frustrated and you don’t deserve to be negrepped for it. It’s reasonable to complain about MM being rubbish since 8.

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Highly rampant with Wargaming’s many Skirmishes, leading to a mixture of very interesting rules, ranging from only tanks of a certain nationality to tanks of a certain tier. In middle-tier fights, the enemy’s top player s is usually this. The Type 59 to a lesser extent. It’s a Chinese knockoff of the T , but requires no grinding to acquire, only real money. Also, since it’s rated a tier lower than the T , you can start seeing these guys as early as Tier 6.

The matchmaker also has a habit of several of them on the same team, which, in addition to how common they are, ruins game balance and diversity. This has led to the developers removing it from the shop, though players who already had one were allowed to keep them. The introduction of the Chinese tech tree gave us the WZ , a more direct copy of the T , which has better damage and penetration than all of the Tier 9 medium tanks its best gun is pretty much the same one mounted on the IS-4 , except for the Centurion Mk.

The WZ is the Chinese Tier 8 light tank with a mm gun that is actually better than the one on the T The tank also possesses fairly strong sloped armor on the front and the turret. T s for artillery players, before they were removed in patch 8. They’re insanely fast and very hard for anyone to land hits on, can survive a shot or two from most things trying to keep them off you, and are quite capable of taking you down quickly.

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Your Builder Base is not deeply connected to your Home Village, but you will gain the ability to gear up your defenses in your Home Village. To learn more about the gear-ups, please check out my article here that shows that they are not that strong as they might appear: A very important thing is the question about rushing. We all learned from our Town Hall, that rushing is something that will take revenge on you later.

If you rush your Town Hall in your Home Village, you will face loot penalties against bases with lower Town Halls and lose a lot more resources on defense, because your base is simply not strong enough to hold up against an attacker with properly upgraded troops and Heroes.

World of Tanks CurseForge. Projects Mods Skins Forums Dashboard The Matchmaker. Domin4tor`s CrossHair. by Domin4tor 0. Apr 20, Domin4tor`s CrossHair. Inspirown’s XVM With Stats. by Inspirown. 0. Mar 14, Inspirown’s XVM config with extra stats. Winter Mod.

There has not been very much reason for this, other than generally being busy at home, and busy at work. This has had some benefits. The first has been lots of practice in scout tanking — to admittedly variable success. It does been I am slowly grinding out the Chaffee , as well as getting the crews of the T and both Stuarts further trained 38 games between just those three.

I have also managed to get the Ace Tanker on the T Indeed, having got it once I soon got it again in another match. Personally though I think the first of those matches was the most impressive, with probably some of my best ammo selection ever in game tip — when facing Tier V heavies in a T , use premium ammo. In other tanks I have played a few games on the GW Panther , but I am finding this mostly an exercise in frustration at the moment, though not one without high spots.

In comparison I have absolutely stunk in playing the Alecto.

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The best of the scripts provided Tony Hancock with a brilliant foil for his comic genius. Yet to assume they are all perfection would be too hopeful- quite often the shows are almost as humdrum as the very best of their contemporaries, however when at the peak of excellence, they are unsurpassable even today. So where exactly did Hancock’s once eagerly anticipated ATV series go wrong?

Nov 08,  · Matchmaking broken again? Sign in to follow this. at tier 8: 7 different ships vs 4 different ships I dont see why WG has been allowing players to do this for so long. Its been an issue since WoT became popular, but its like they dont care. But .

Leave a comment The public test for the 8. In theory the main feature of this patch is the introduction of British artillery. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that for many players this patch will be remembered as when the T was honourably discharged from World of Tanks service. In a sense however there is remarkably little involved in this update. This is, I believe, by design. Having rebalanced accuracy and artillery in 8.

A new map, a new premium tank, and the replacement of the T with the MT is almost the entirety of the piece. This makes it very difficult to write about! I think it has become increasingly hard to succeed at this one as the attacker. I do not think there is a great deal to say about the introduction of the British artillery — other than I always enjoy new targets — but the removal of the T means laying to rest one of the most iconic tanks of the game.

The Tier V scout is well known for pirouetting around the battlefield — or unfortunately for sometimes running straight into the enemy camp at the start of the battle in a frenetic suicide. However, when played well they could easily be instrumental in ensuring a victory. I never played the T , so my memories come from facing them in the battlefield.

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We’ve packed so many changes into the update and applied a fresh coat of paint to nearly all of the models in the Arena. Welcome to Battlefield Reborn. The Abyssal Dragon is a crucial neutral resource in the early and mid-game, often being the focus of both teams.

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