Epigraphical evidence[ edit ] A copperplate dating to the early 4th century found in Shiroda , mentions one Devaraja of the Gominas, which is a reference to the Bhoja king ruling from Chandor , who is hailed as the ruler of the Goans or Gominas. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. January Some of this article’s listed sources may not be reliable. Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. April Learn how and when to remove this template message Goans mainly speak the Konkani language , a Prakrit based language belonging to the Southern group of Indo-Aryan Languages. Various dialects of Konkani spoken by the Goans include Bardeskari, Sashtikari, Pednekari, Antruj bhasha, whereas Konkani spoken by the Catholics is notably different from those of the Hindus, with a lot of Portuguese influence in its vocabulary.

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Geological origins[ edit ] Some parts of present day Goa appear to have been uplifted from the sea due to geological tectonic plate movement. There is evidence to support this theory as indicated by presence of marine fossils , buried seashells and other features of reclaimed topography in the coastal belt. Thus the geologists concluded that Goa has risen up from seabed as a result of violent tectonic movements.

At the decline of the intensity of pluviation in the last Pleistocenic age around

Also in Saligao village, Quinta da Graça is an atmospheric Indo-Portuguese mansion, dating back to the s. The hosts are a local couple who have restored the property with some additions, but largely keeping its Goan essence intact.

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Gay in Goa. by Gauri Gharpure 13/12/ Share. Tweet; Goa is one of India’s most friendly destinations. So why all the whispering? The Goan businessman seldom discusses his sexuality, but he is certain his family and friends know that he is gay. “I mean, let’s face it. No one is a fool these days.

Dec 25, , In , the sea along the coastline of Queensland in Australia receded to such an extent that it exposed a population of spiders. In a study published in the journal Evolutionary Systematics, researchers from Queensland Museum in Australia and University of Hamburg in Germany described the intertidal spider. Unlike the spiders which people are familiar with, the intertidal species have adapted to the underwater life by hiding in barnacle shells, corals or kelp holdfast during high tide.

To breathe, they build air chambers from silk. Once the sea water recedes, though, they are out and about hunting small invertebrates that roam the surfaces of the nearby rocks, corals and plants.

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A little history lesson before we commence. India has been the playground of the feisty European colonialists for centuries now. Most pockets were returned to the Republic of India in the 20th century. It is pertinent to note that the French have kept the soft power alive and strong in their former enclave of Pondicherry.

A humble family recipe dating back to the Portuguese empire, this spice liqueur is handcrafted in small batches. Made without artificial colours, preservatives or flavours, this all-natural concoction is supposed to make unique cocktails.

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Twitter This story is about cementing relationships among six people with love,magnanimity and a pragmatic approach to life. The story revolves around the protagonists Nidhi and Vivek. Nidhi my schoolmate is a friendly,vivacious and a chilled out person. Born in a middle class family,eldest among her three siblings,had always wanted to do something unconventional in life. She graduated in humanities,while graduation she kept a good social life.

A copperplate dating to the early 4th century found in Shiroda, mentions one Devaraja of the Gominas, which is a reference to the Bhoja king ruling from Chandor, who is hailed as the ruler of the Goans .

For many, Goa is known as the land of beaches, hippies and parties that last all night. But there’s more to this popular seaside destination. Beyond the beaches lies a rich culture with a charming history — that’s what makes Goa such an alluring place. Read on to find out about 10 unusual things not in any particular order you should do on your next visit to this sun-kissed state. The mere thought of diving and exploring the wrecks is fascinating. This surreal and mysterious experience lets you unravel the mysteries of the past where four ships — including three German ships and an Italian — blew up and sank into the Goan sea in Apart from these four ships, there are also shipwrecks from the Second World War.

Scuba divers have access to two of these shipwrecks — Suzy and Davy Jones Locker — which are situated near Grande Island. If you’re not in the mood to dive into the deep sea, you can always settle for snorkeling. There are plenty of underwater fauna and flora waiting to be explored. Grande Island is a minute ferry ride from Benaulim.

Rs 3, to Rs 5, 2. Crocodile spotting and elephant bathing Photograph:

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There are eight main classical forms: There are four minor classical forms, Chakiarkoothu, Konishattam, Kudiyattam and Ottamthullal ,all originating in Kerala. Distinct styles of folk dances are provided by a staggering multiplicity of races, linguistic and ethnic groups and religious and social organizations. They have an unharnessed progressive growth because they are representative of the regional cultures. Folk art is identified with the common man’s life, distinct from the classical form, which is clearly for the elite.

USA Matrimonial United States, situated in North America is one of the world’s most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations. U.S. economy is the largest national economy in the world and is .

Hotel Contacts Goa is certainly different. Goa was ruled by Hindu Brahmins and by the Bahamani Muslims too, but none succeeded in changing lifestyle and habits like the Portuguese. Chapel of St Anthony Led by the indefatigable explorer Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese arrived in to exploit its riches and win souls for the Catholic Church. At the very least, just about every Goan worth his salt will know how to strum a guitar, a talent Goa hotels and resorts have seized upon.

Prepare for lengthy evening serenades. Goan cuisine retains a strong Portuguese influence. A must-try is vindaloo — which, in Goa, where the dish originated, is significantly different from the varieties you may be used to. Chock full of garlic and vinegar, Goan vindaloo packs quite the punch. Other recommendations include amotik sour hot curry , sorpotel a spicy and fatty pork, liver, chilli, ginger and garlic dish , chicken xacuti a coconut and poppy seed curry and tongue-cauterising vinegar-and-chilli Goa sausages.

Add spices according to your taste. Traditional buildings are brightly coloured. Everything goes — yellow, green, purple, blue and even fluorescent pink.

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Epigraphical evidence[ edit ] A copperplate dating to the early 4th century found in Shiroda , mentions one Devaraja of the Gominas, which is a reference to the Bhoja king ruling from Chandor , who is hailed as the ruler of the Goans or Gominas. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

January Some of this article’s listed sources may not be reliable. Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted.

The Nagas have their own harvest dance “Khambahim”.It is a form performed by two separate groups of men and women each standing in a separate row. “Akhu” is another similar form. The Lakshadweep has its own folk dance form called the “Lava”.The Dadra and Nagar Haveli tribals have their charming form of “Tarpa” in which the dancers tap their feet on moonlit nights, encircling the “Tarpakar” to.

One of Goa’s largest heritage homes, the Figueiredo house in Loutolim, South Goa, built in 17th century was recently thrown open to the public as a museum in collaboration with the Xavier Centre of Historical Research, Goa. The remarkably maintained Casa MuseuVincento Joao de Figueiredo represents a curious melange of Indo-Portuguese History Most of the houses often painted in sunny yellow and sky blues, with tiled roofs held up by wooden rafters, long balconies in the front and large windows, incredibly huge walls are some of the significance of houses in Goa.

This mansion built in the Indian style, has a low pitched roof, wide verandas with European accoutrements, Gothic- style windows and cluster columns. It’s architecture straddles both worlds just as Goa still does Loutolim, South Goa; Built in 19th century. Luxurious country houses with handsome verandas surrounded by exuberant palm groves and verdant fields. Introduced by the Portuguese, the Goan balcony eventually played a significant role in ensuring a more socially oriented Goan house.

This house has porches with large staircases White house at Saligao, North Goa; Built in 17th century. This rendering in white is the result of the unwritten rule during the Portuguese occupation of Goa that no private house or building could be painted in white. Only churches and chapels enjoyed this privilege. However, this was not completely a matter of individual choice, since during Portuguese rule the owner of the house could be fined if his house was not painted Nagoa, North Goa; Built in 19th century.

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Nascimento Mascarenhas there were three other Goan personalities viz. Sergio Mascarenhas, and Fr. Cosme J Costa who were also conferred with the Award.

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Menu How parents can help curb youth dating violence New York, Nov Children whose parents talk to them about non-violent ways of resolving conflict are less likely to physically or psychologically abuse their dating partners later, says a study. For the study, published in the Journal of Adolescence, the team surveyed a random sample of more than 1, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students in the US about their parents’ views on handling conflict. The assessment included questions such as whether the child’s parents condoned fighting as long as another person started it, or if their parents urged them to stay calm or walk away if another person said something disrespectful to them.

The findings showed that the majority of the students – ranging from per cent – reported receiving a mixture of parental messages that endorsed peaceful as well as aggressive means of handling disputes. In addition, the participants were asked if they had engaged in some forms of physical violence such as shoving their romantic partner and psychological aggression such as intentionally provoking jealousy in their boyfriend or girlfriend.

As many as 35 to 45 per cent of the students indicated that they had committed at least one act of physical or psychological aggression against a boyfriend or girlfriend. The prevalence of dating violence among the students surveyed was high, said Garthe.

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