I Hope i could go there again this year please lol Saya pernah jadi fangirl mungkin sekarang juga masih tapi sedikit haha jadi paling tidak saya harus tahulah tempat gedung entertainment artis-artis yang pernah saya suka. Jadi hari keenam saya dedikasikan untuk masa remaja saya. Bernostalgia dengan Oppadeul lol Korean Wave tersebar keseluruh dunia melalu media music. Boyband dan Girlband dari mulai tahun sampai sekarang. Pemerintah Korea tahu banget kalau yang membuat negaranya tiba-tiba dibanjiri wisatawan mostly from South East Asia itu karena ketampanan dan kecantikan Boyband dan Girlband mereka, maka dibuatlah K-star Road di Apgeujong, berhubung disana juga tempat agensi mereka bernaung jadi sekalianlah dibuat tour ke gedung agensi mereka. Apgeujong Rodeo exit 2 Baru naik elevator sudah disuguhi pemandangan boneka gangnam yang terkenal yang melambangkan masing-masing boyband dan girlband ada puluhan boneka berjejer dipinggir jalan plus map tempat agensi mereka. Daerah apgeujong ini merupakan daerah elit terlihat dari pertokoan yang isinya Dior, Chloe, Salvataro Ferragamo, Gucci, Prada dan sederet nama beken lainnya. Baru setelah puas berfoto saya mulai mencari lokasi agensi mereka. Merasa kembali 17 tahun saat itu haha. Sebenarnya gampang-gampang susah menemukan gedung agensi mereka karena rata-rata ada di dalam gang yang susah dicari patokannya, walaupun ada map tetap saja kadang menipu.

Girls’ Generation (少女時代) – Genie (Japanese Ver.)

You got Lee Hongki!!! They all joined in. Geez, this is a fantasy nightmare. Yoona was my best friend from elementary. I pushed him in the closet.

Yesung is 27 years old (birthdate: August 24, ). already exists as an alternate of this question. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it?

But Korean pop, or K-pop, is South Korea’s biggest entertainment industry export. Underscored by unique styles of music, dance, and fashion, the stars of K-pop have been breaking out of South Korea into the international limelight and have garnered millions of fans worldwide. Websites like Youtube and digital music stores like iTunes have paved the way for the globalisation of this once-fringe genre, and K-pop stars are reaping the rewards.

With success comes wealth, and the following K-pop celebrities are cashing in. After joining the group he became their main rapper and success has followed him ever since. He is also a main character in the drama show Dream High.

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YoonA memiliki julukan Deer rusa karena tingkahnya yang sangat aktif. YoonA merupakan anak bungsu dan memiliki satu kakak perempuan. YoonA telah ditinggal ibunya saat masih kecil karena bercerai.

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KatDiva He might as well be Mr. But he was determined to change that. Next they were scheduled for Shanghai this month, and Bangkok in November. Then on to China in December and January. Their schedules were bound to keep them apart, even if they had wanted to spend time together. If they were to become a couple, it would require a long distance relationship during much of their time together. She watched them as they ran through a rehearsal of the choreography for “Don’t Don” and chuckled as Heechul Oppa lingered in the back of the room, getting away with barely dancing, if you could call it that.

He was a born rebel, and forever would remain a rebel. The tap on her shoulder caused her to jump, and she swung around to face Kyuhyun’s beaming face.

¿cuanto saves de k-pop?

This blog dedicated to YoonAddict! FT Island Minhwan was overcome with joy when Yoona chose him Mnet Dr Wide News V Day Special ; he also said that Yoona supports him by giving him acting tips and that they keep contact through texting Article ; said she is his favorite member and sent her a video message. I am fulfilling my duty as a SONE. His video message to her: I will always cheer you on.

List of K-pop artists The following is a list of K-pop artists.(K-pop is an abbreviation for “Korean pop” or “Korean popular music”.) 2ne1 bom bom 2ne1 bom style 2ne1 bom top 2ne1 cl pictures 2ne1 evolution tour 2ne1 kpop star 2ne1 latest photo 2ne1 latest song 2ne1 list songs 2ne1 music list 2ne1 music video list 2ne1 new music 2ne1 new music.

My eyes were all sore from crying and my nose was runny. I wiped my nose with my sleeve. Not a very smart move. We had arrived at the intersection of the road where it split up into four ways. Just across the street was the shop me and Donghae ate at on Thursday. I shook my head. The street lights were flickering on and off, and cars were sparse. He sighed once again and turned into the road to my house.

I landed right on my ass. I used his shoulder to steady myself as I pulled my boot off. My foot was swollen, but the damage was un-seeable through my black stockings. I bit my lip as Donghae reached down to touch it gently. He lifted me onto his back again and picked up the boot on the floor and kept walking. This time, my arms were limply over his shoulders, my head looking around at the familiar surroundings:

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Because it’s a bit difficult to find the facts about BoA. BoA was born as a gifted child, the following video of her singing when she was a child. BoA’s religion is Catholic. BoA did not like her height, she complained that only cm height.

Nov 11,  · Mey and Ling here, just want to share the latest news, photos, videos or anything about our lovely boys, DBSK and SUPER JUNIOR. Feel free to take anything you like from this blog BUT DO NOT FORGET TO add [email protected] and link back here. Please credit properly too.

Yoona lahir pada 30 Mei YoonA memiliki julukan Deer rusa karena tingkahnya yang sangat aktif. Julukan ini diberikan oleh Daesung di acara FO. YoonA merupakan anak bungsu dari 2 bersaudara. YoonA memiliki seorang eonnie kakak perempuan. YoonA telah ditinggal ibunya s a at masih kecil karena bercerai. Saat ini, YoonA merupakan kebanggaan keluarganya.

Salah satu kejahilan Yoona, dia pernah membangunkan Yuri tengah malam hanya untuk nunjukin kaki ayam, dan itu bikin Yuri BT

Super Junior’s Yesung talks about being cheated on and running into Hangeng

D –tidak berwajah manly Taecyeon, Siwon jelas bukan tipe idealnya, mungkin Lee Seunggi menurut Yoona berwajah manly jadi dia nggak suka Yoona sering menjadi tipe idealnya artis cowok, banyak dari mereka yang memilih Yoona karena dia tanpa make up masih terlihat cantik — banyak artis cowok yang mengatakan. Taecyeon 2PM bukan tipe idealnya Yoona.

WELCOME TO MY PAGE! ♡ ♡ ♡ (Page under construction as of 02/!!) About me. My name is Yeliz, I am a 18 year old girl of Turkish descent living in Germany.

D Sabtu, 25 Februari By: Kpop Melody on Di rumahnya, dia tinggal dengan ayah, ibu, kakak perempuan, dan seekor anjing kecil lucu bernama Jjanglee. Ayahnya, bernama Choi Jungnam, adalah seorang arsitek. Ada juga yang bilang pemilik perusahaan kontraktor. Ada juga yang bilang pengusaha. Disimpulkan saja, ayahnya adalah seorang arsitek yang sekaligus mengelola perusahaan kontrkator.

Ibunya, bernama Moon Soohee, adalah ibu rumah tangga. Tapi beliau pernah jadi guru di kelas opera. Kakaknya, bernama Choi Soojin, sekarang kuliah di bidang literatur. Dia juga adalah artis musikal. Sooyoung pernah debut di Jepang saat berumur 12 tahun dengan duo bernama Route O. Teman satu grupnya, Marina Takahashi, adalah orang Jepang.

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