Articles For some children and teens, going back to school can be a highly anxiety provoking experience. They may count down the days as the first day of school approaches, losing sleep with each night, worrying about how it will go and dreading the day they have to walk into a new classroom or lecture hall. Sometimes this anxiety stems from years of being behind if they have special needs, learning disabilities or academic challenges. Other children might have experienced bullying or other difficult social situations that they dread going through again. Regardless of if your child is starting first grade or if you are going back to college, here are some tips on how to reduce school anxiety and make the transition back to school a little bit easier. Being mindful of the reality of the situation will help remove pressure and help increase a sense of calmness.


Abstract Introduction Evidence suggests that negative self imagery plays an important role in social anxiety disorder SAD as a maintaining factor, and that early memories of traumatic experiences are linked to recurrent catastrophic images. Previous research has showed that cognitive restructuring combined with imagery rescripting of these memories may affect recurrent images resulting in less imagery distress and less anxiety in social situations.

The present study replicated these effects using a a modified treatment with imagery rescripting without cognitive restructuring, and b an experimental between-groups design. Results Follow-up after 1 week showed that the intervention led to significant improvements in memory and image distress, and reduced fears of negative evaluation and social interaction.

Discussion The results indicate that imagery rescripting is effective even without cognitive restructuring and question the importance of the latter. However, the small sample limits the strength of the conclusions.

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The affected person will go to great lengths to avoid the source of anxiety. Phobias are divided into specific phobias, social phobia, and agoraphobia. Social phobia is driven by fear of judgement. Agoraphobia is when anxiety about a situation occurs because it is felt that escape would not be possible. The sufferer avoids situations or environments where they perceive they have little control.

Social Anxiety sufferers often fear they have little control in interactive situations.

In apology tours and mythological speeches, Obama exaggerated Islamic history as often as he critiqued America. He backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. He pushed America away from Israel, appeased Iran, and tried to piggyback on the Arab Spring by bombing Libya. He even lectured Christians on their past pathologies dating back to the Crusades.

Immediately my mind froze up. Does this ever happen to you? Instead of letting it creep in, I tell myself, I can do this. By the way, what is more important with last minute guests … the appearance of your house or the food you serve? We have to remember that our guests are not coming to see our homes, they are coming for fellowship and to commune with us around the table. I have to take my mind off of myself, and the state of my house. And make sure one bathroom is clean and ready to go!

Back to focusing on the food: This night I thought about the ingredients I had on hand, one being fresh ground lean turkey in the fridge.

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Abstract Background We attempted to compare the safety and efficacy of laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding with vertical-banded gastroplasty and gastric bypass. Morbid obesity presents a serious health issue for Western countries, with a rising incidence and a strong association with increased mortality and serious comorbidities, such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, conservative treatment options have proven ineffective.

Surgical interventions, such as vertical-banded gastroplasty stomach stapling , Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, and, more recently, laparoscopic gastric banding have been developed with the aim of providing a laparoscopically placed device that is safe and effective in generating substantial weight loss. Results Only 6 studies reported comparative results for laparoscopic gastric banding and other surgical procedures.

Introduction. Evidence suggests that negative self imagery plays an important role in social anxiety disorder (SAD) as a maintaining factor, and that early memories of traumatic experiences are linked to recurrent catastrophic images.

By Simone Hoermann, Ph. She specializes in providing psychotherapy for Personality Disorders, Anxiety, and Depression Read More Avoidant Personality Disorder is one of the more common personality disorders. This fear of disapproval, rejection, and criticism often causes people with Avoidant Personality Disorder to stay away from social interactions, and to avoid work or school activities that involve getting into contact with other people. This frequently results in missing out on social and professional networking opportunities, and leads people with APD to have a rather small social circle in which they only interact with people of whom they are sure that they are liked.

Social Phobia can look very similar to Avoidant Personality Disorder. Social Phobia has to do with being extremely anxious in social situations. Examples would be fear of public speaking, or fear of eating, drinking or writing in from of other people. It could be fear of addressing authority figures, fear of attending parties, or fear of initiating conversations.

The fear is mostly about being embarrassed, or of others recognizing that they are anxious. When a person with social phobia finds themselves in their feared situation, they develop intense anxiety with some really strong physical symptoms, such as intense heartbeat, breaking out in a sweat, or hands shaking and shortness of breath.


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While techniques dings, locks, and takes down many derived from judo, jujitsu, and wrestling. Pankration itself had become one of the sports held in the Olympics, but in the end removed because it is considered too dangerous. Nevertheless, Pankration survives and becomes one of the martial arts that is still competed in Japan as Pancrase. Initially, UFC 1 was minimal regulation except for banning, eye-bending, and deadline restrictions. Participants are allowed to use their own martial disciplinary uniforms, even allowing a boxer to use only one boxing glove.

The game is stopped when a fighter gives up or members of the fighting camp throws a towel to stop the fight. A referee is present in the fight but his share is very minimal and the safety of the fighter is not so assured. Without regulation, the preliminary UFC is considered a brutal event banned by many states of the United States.

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Onchocerciasis, commonly called river blindness, is a parasitic disease particularly prevalent in Africa, where more than 99 percent of all cases occur. In total, 30 countries are infested, ranging from Senegal across to Ethiopia in the north and as far south as Angola and Malawi. Transmission Onchocerciasis is caused by worms, Onchocerca volvulus.

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A logo is the centerpiece of a brand and so much hinges on whether the logo is doing its job successfully and encouraging brand loyalty or whether it is inviting ridicule or worse still, offering an insight into a controversial history. Coca Cola above Where better place to start than with the grandfather of the logo. The typeface, known as Spencerian Script , was the dominant formal handwritten style in the United States at the time and has not changed since.

The circular style of the letters is rhythmic, carefree are very engaging. When it comes to rebrands Pepsi is the polar opposite of Coca Cola. Knowing who your market is helps a great deal. In actual fact the Swastika can be seen clearly in the original logo. With iconic cars like the Beetle, the VW Camper and the Golf GTi in their stable, the quality of their product has always matched their mastery of branding and marketing.

This basic logo has changed very little in that time with only the protective circle being added and eventually the blue. This commitment to the original idea has served them extremely well, with GE being the biggest company in the world for a time and currently standing at, a not too shabby, 16 on the Fortune Adidas No list of this kind would be complete without the indomitable German beast that is Adidas. The company was formed by German brothers Adi and Rudolf Dassler who wanted to offer athletes the finest sports gear possible.

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