Posted on July 19, by Little Jack Horner’s Since we opened our doors to the public, we have restored the cabinets of countless sewing machines. Most have been early treadle operated machines that have been passed down from generation to generation within a family. Recently one of our longtime clients brought us a sewing machine like none we have ever seen before. I was able to date the machine to and even found an image of the original sales brochure and operating manual. The Free Sewing Machine Company has a very interesting history. In , it was renamed the Royal Sewing Machine Company. The Free — Westinghouse machine first appeared in after the company became associated with Westinghouse as the sole supplier of electric motors to Free. Westinghouse was apparently not too happy about this as Free was no longer using their motors for their imported machines. In , a lawsuit was filed by Westinghouse to stop Free from using the Westinghouse name.

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Antique Singer model VS2 fiddle base treadle sewing machine. With the rare carnation flower decals. Shop by Featured Refinements. Because of the many technological changes Singer introduced over the years, examining the serial number on any Singer will reveal the time period in For collectors, antique sewing machines sold before are rarer and more distinctive than the ones sold after Many of these early machines had a hand crank on the right side of the machine.

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Well, for a start, you might find it easier, cheaper, and less frustrating in the long run. Or you might be a sucker for a shiny black coat with gold twiddles on, or you may just like the idea of not throwing the old away just because the new exists.. Or you may like tinkering I have used old machines all my life, and my regular machines – Singer Class 15 treadle, Bernina , and Elna Lotuses more than one My only modern machine is an overlocker – after much experimentation and considerable amounts of swearing, I decided that old overlockers, while charming, are not practical beasties Scroll down the page for my machines for sale Updated with yet more further deep sighing, Monday 19th November , and not everything is on here even so Blooming things are breeding..

Practicalities The world is full of old machines, but if you want to use one regularly you need to choose with a little care. If you plan to sew every day or every week it’s no good getting something splendid but which has no regular supply of needles, and if you plan to do more than the odd small job, you don’t want a Long Bobbin machine too much bobbin-winding and spares may not be easy to get..

However, these are great for heavy work So, you come down to Singer, ideally, and Round Bobbin, absolutely, and the following models: All take the regular needles, regular feet, and round bobbins which are all still available. This is for a hand-cranked or treadle machine, of course.

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December 26, at 6: Use weights to hold down your pattern when cutting …I often use heavy small saucers, or used D-cell batteries, or even old heavy butter knives. This tip alone will save you hours of pinning and marking.

Boston Sewing Machine Manufacturing Co. Boston, Massachusetts Bradbury Sewing Machine Co. Oldham, Lancashire, England Bradburg Sewing Machine Co.

We stand by our products and service what we sell. We offer high quality and reliable machines, needles, thread and accessories for for all types of sewing operations. We are open 6 days a week: We also sell and service new and rebuilt industrial sewing machines and sewing supplies and accessories. Our warehouse contains thousands of miscellaneous commercial, industrial and home sewing machines, some of which may be just what you are looking for!

If you require a special type of sewing machine to perform a particular task, we will endeavour to match or customize a machine to your needs.

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Now that I have caught up a little I can get back to putting a few things on the digests. Today I am going to talk about one of the most misunderstood parts of the sewing machine. Only the brave or the foolish should read on.

Posts about sewing machine written by Brooke. And I now had another lead! I began to wonder if my Wizard 3KC was the very last model to be called a “Wizard” before being sold to Brother and renamed the Brother – even the brand’s name-plaque was the same shape on both machines despite a different inscription.

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Shopping Dating back to many centuries, sewing machines have always been in great demand. Meant for repairing the torn clothes in the early days, these devices have undergone sea changes. Manufacturers of sewing machines have developed latest machines equipped with special parts that enable the people to accomplish the tailoring tasks in quick and reliable manners.

Singer 99K Parts These parts and accessories are guaranteed to fit your Singer 99K Sewing Machine.

To be frankly honest it’s rather ugly but I was intrigued. It was a Singer Fashion Mate with a garish orange tinge rather reminiscent of faded curtains after a hot summer. They look like and in design are similar to the Singer Hushmatic , equally unattractive I’m afraid! The Fashion Mate has completely plastic casing, not something I am overly fond of. Let’s get to the nitty-gritty and start to pull it apart. First of all you need to get the top off, this is fairly simple, there are only two screws holding it on.

The second is under the felt disc on the thread spool. Arrows mark screw positions Now take the belt cover of the side, it’s only one screw and a bit of wiggling to get it free. Next take the handwheel off. It’s the normal type, take the stop-screw out then unscrew, take washer off and slide handwheel off. The belt will make it hard, just pull!

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The White Sewing machine that I have is on a table with a box over the machine. The dates on the plate start with Mar 14, and end with Mar 27, .

A popular and old and perhaps outdated but overused trope to justify Kill the Cutie. The child will be certainly an Ill Girl , and frequently a Waif Prophet , whose death will be slow, torturous and lingering tuberculosis or other disease was a particular favorite in the 19th Century , giving the child a chance to bid farewell to everyone she loved in a long, drawn-out drama scene.

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Needless to say, in the hands of an inexperienced author, this trope is prone to being used badly. The Unfavorite is often the surviving child. Indeed, Parental Favoritism may not even really kick in until the Favorite is dead. The Littlest Cancer Patient could be considered the modern take of this trope, but with a slight hope of healing and living for the affected kid and also more likely to be played for comedy.

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